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An 8 Step Journey to Learn How to Help People Create Real Change in Their Lives!

About People Helping People – eCourse

People are generally eager to help others. Unfortunately, many times we misunderstand what “help” actually looks like. This 8 step eCourse will teach and impart skills and insights that will help you help others more successfully. These trainings are aimed at building skills among professional helpers as well as lay people.

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3 reviews for People Helping People – eCourse

  1. Christine Poper

    SO good. I have been looking for something like this for so long and it spoke into so many of the things that come with helping people. Simple, clear advice. Gives you great questions to ask, great guidelines to follow, and all with a healthy and holy perspective. Great for Pastors, counselors, teachers…anyone who finds people coming to them for help and guidance. I highly recommend this course.

  2. Amber Yates

    I run a transition home program for the homeless population in Conroe, TX. We also have a 5 day per week empowerment service and breakfast with the homeless in our city. The material in People Helping People is infinitely useful being that our team and volunteers encounter more people with a poverty mindset than probable most people do on a daily basis. That can and does wear us out. Not to mention we have our own lives with family, friends and our own problems. This course helps us to realize when our “help” is enabling instead of empowering. It gives us tools to help people become powerful instead of creating a cycle where they become dependent on us. This, as well as other LOP material, has really helped me to take a greater level of responsibility for my own life and choices, which in turn prevents me from becoming as resentful or burned out. This provides you with such simple. practical tools to be able to help others in the healthiest and most effective way possible. We bought the license to utilize this for our entire team and I am confident this will have a huge impact in helping us all to become better helpers! I am a huge fan because I am so grateful for how this material and the others from Danny Silk and friends, has changed my life for the better. I 100% recommend this to everyone who has at least one other person in their life!!!

  3. Dianne Hull

    Thought provoking, challenging, insightful and rewarding.

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