Lead Like Heaven


What do a girl in a train, a man with Down Syndrome, a nine-year old boy, and a one-legged man have in common?<strong> They can teach us to Lead Like Heaven.

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About Lead Like Heaven

He was crying as the clank, clank of the roller coaster grew louder and more unsettling. Could we really sit calmly over gears and tracks that sounded like they couldn’t find one another without breaking to pieces? The crest of the hill was approaching and even my anxiety levels were rising.

Leadership opportunities will present themselves whether we ask for them or not — on roller coasters and on airplanes; in subways and boardrooms.  In this book, Lead like Heaven, Adam uses his compelling story-telling ability to help us see what is really going on in these strange encounters, and unlock Heaven’s tools and strategies for fulfilling our destinies and leaving powerful legacies. You will glean insights from Adam’s more than 25 years as a leader and coach. Not only will the people, stories and lessons in this book move you, but Heaven will touch your soul, equipping you to become a more effective leader.


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