Defining the Relationship


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About Defining the Relationship

Many Christian couples come to a point where they must define their relationship. This awkward but pivotal conversation either pushes them apart or allows their relationship to develop into something greater. This course is designed to help couples examine the exciting yet unknown path they will travel together and help them carefully consider the strength of their relationship. In this series, Danny Silk’s comedic style of teaching will inspire, challenge, and bring couples into a serious reality check about their decision about marriage. The goal of this series is to impart COURAGE – courage to either push through the rugged realities of a loving relationship or the courage to walk away. Whether you are single, dating, or already engaged, this course will present you with an experienced perspective on how to love on purpose. Couples who have been married for many years have also found this material to be very helpful.
Topics include:

  1. Powerful People Powerful Decisions
  2. Living On Purpose
  3. 7 Pillars of Healthy Relationships*
  4. Love Languages
  5. Your “Normal”
  6. The Communication Dance*
  7. Conflict Management
  8. 90/10 Factor*

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