Brittney Serpell

Brittney Serpell is a skilled communicator who inspires parents to believe the best about themselves and their children, offering hope-filled solutions for everyday issues. As the Director of Family at Loving on Purpose, Brittney brings a wealth of tools, knowledge, and practical experience to her role. Brittney is certified in Love and Logic and worked for six years as the Development Director for the children’s department at Bethel Church, where she created and established a culture of strong communication and team values.

Ben Serpell

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Ben moved to America at age 18 to pursue his dream for ministry. After 2 years in Bethel School of Ministry, in Redding CA, he spent the next 10 years on staff at Bethel serving in the youth ministry. Since moving to Sacramento, Ben has completed his BA in Social Work and worked in the Human Services field as a Victim Advocate. This accumulation of training and experience has given Ben a standout ability to assess situations within relationships and help guide people effectively using helpful tools and an empowering approach. Married at 19, Ben and Brittney are thriving in their 15th year of marriage with their three amazing children; Delani, Adalyn and Lincoln.

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Carla Chud

Carla is the Executive Director at Northgate Alaska Church where she leads the staff team and is responsible for developing culture, creating and implementing strategy and directing operations. Prior to this role, her and her husband Aaron have been involved in church and youth leadership for over 15 years. She is a gifted communicator who is passionate about personal transformation and empowering people to influence the cultures of their families, workplaces and churches. Along with Danny Silk, Carla is the author of the book The Pathway to Powerful.

Ben & Brittney Serpell

Ben & Brittney were married in 2003, have three wonderful children, and are working together to help others strengthen and heal their marriages and create strong families. They are both certified in Prepare & Enrich and want to set up every couple for a healthy thriving marriage.

Aaron & Carla Chud

Aaron and Carla were married in 2002 and have two incredible children, Ashton and Ava. They both graduated from Hillsong Leadership College in 2004 with an Advanced Diploma in Ministry and have worked in pastoral roles as well as church and business leadership for many years. They love to see individuals and families transformed through encountering God and gaining tools to build healthy, thriving relationships. As a result of years of working with people, they have built strong tools in the areas of assessing problems and their root causes, inner healing, imparting healthy relational tools and coaching people to become powerful in their lives and relationships.

Rusty & Erin Pleune

Rusty and Erin believe connection is the foundation for any thriving marriage. With over 20 years of marriage, they have experienced highs and lows and understand the pain and joys encountered on the marriage journey. They encourage and coach others with the same principles and tools they implement within their own marriage. As owners of Making a Way Marriage, they coach couples and individuals who are looking to heal painful relational cycles and learn new ways of connecting and relating in their marriage. Their value of learning led Rusty to become a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and Erin a certified biblical counselor. They have two beautiful adult daughters and live in Mandeville, Louisiana.

Erin Pleune

Erin’s passion for relationship and marriage coaching was born out of her personal journey where she experienced the pain of coming from a broken family. The principles she learned through Loving On Purpose resources has transformed her life by giving her a clear vision and understanding of what healthy, whole families and relationships look like. Erin coaches clients by first helping them understand themselves and then collaborating with them to develop a plan to implement practical tools and skills so they can thrive in their relationships.

Erin’s value for learning inspired her to become a Certified Biblical Counselor in 2012. Erin and her husband of 24 years are owners of Making A Way Marriage, specializing in marriage coaching. Rusty and Erin have two adult daughters and currently live in their empty nest condo in Mandeville, LA.


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