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Danny Silk

It’s the Life Academy’s ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

I launched The Life Academy to simply empower people to overcome fear, learn to love & REALLY change the world IN & AROUND them. I’ve been so encouraged by how many have signed up to do just that!

I have been deeply moved by the stories I have heard from people all around the world participating with us in this journey of learning to carry the message of love, and apply it to daily life.

I’m so looking forward to engaging with more of you, and hearing how the Life Academy has impacted you and strengthened the connections of your closest relationships!

SO, to celebrate this occasion, I am offering 5 people (winners) a few things…

1) A Life Academy Core Track Bundle: Lifetime access to the Relationships, Parenting & Leadership Tracks! (Value: $250)

2) A one year membership to our new Culture and Conversations track! (Value: $360)

I’d love for one of those 5 to be YOU!

(Note: Even if you’re a current student @ the Life Academy, still enroll and you can give away your core tracks to a friend or family member!)

And without further adieu, I’m going to copy/paste (ha!) a message from my team regarding…

HOW TO ENROLL TO WIN! (Only lasts 48 Hours)

(Three easy steps.)

1) Enter your name & email here…


Success! Now check your email to confirm your subscription.

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I’d like to receive the free email course.

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2) Tell us ONE reason why you would love to join the Life Academy community in the comments of the Contests Facebook announcement (HERE)!

Click through on the link provided above to the Facebook announcement post and comment.

An example to help: “I want to have healthy relationships!” or “I love Keep Your Love On, and want to learn more about how to live like that every day!”

*If you don’t have Facebook, simply leave a comment on this blog.

3) Simply “SHARE” the same Contest Facebook Announcement that youR comments on (HERE)!

Click through on the link provided above to the Facebook announcement post & hit the “Share” button near the bottom of the post. Once you click, write a personal caption encouraging friends to enroll in the contest, as well!

*If you don’t have Facebook, simply share it on ANY of your social networks.

ALSO, Be sure to enter today, as the contest will only last 48 hours! Once the time has expired, we will verify those who have fulfilled all three steps & announce the 5 winners via the email you provided above!

Thanks again to everyone who has walked and engaged with us over the last year. Happy anniversary! 🙂



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  1. I would be grateful to win as Danny Silk’s books have been a tremendous blessing to me. I am currently engaged in the spiritual battle of my life and could use all the resources I can get!

  2. I wasn’t able to access the Facebook link but I’ve really enjoyed the program so far and would love to see everything else there is to offer! This information has been so helpful in sharing with our community of parents, families and leaders.

  3. Your teaching and insight has helped me tremendously in my marriage and raising three wonderful children. I’d love to have more of it!

  4. My heart has always leaped when hearing these teachings! These words of wisdom help strengthen my calling. It pushes me to Keep my Love On!!

  5. As a senior leader, not only would my life benefit, but our church and community over which I have influence, would reap the rewards of heaven on earth.

  6. After reading "Keep Your Love On" by Danny Silk several times, I have been practicing powerful communciation and utilizing the tools given to us with a lot of success. I would use this course with my soon to be wife and friends to overcome more of lifes obstacles. Thank you for the work you have put in Danny Silk and Team!

  7. It is giving me an error too but Danny’s teachings are a lifeline right now for my parenting as well as my marriage. I’d love to continue to grow.

  8. My heart has always leaped when hearing these teachings! These words of wisdom help strengthen my calling. It pushes me to Keep my Love On!! I want to have stronger relationships with the people in my life.

  9. Love is why Jesus died on tht cross and I want to live in just that way,, always choosing love❤️Powerful love

  10. I want to build better relationships with my children and husband. Thank you for the opportunity to do just that!

  11. Hi Danny,
    I moved back to Colorado a year ago . I met up with Rich and Cindy Moss a huge part of the Bethel Sozo team. With meeting them you know my life has so much meaning. The healthy by I have been going through is so amazing. I want more My life is in Christ and I want to freely give away what God has installed in me. I am so teachable and hungry for more Blessings Teri Farmer

  12. I would like these series because our church highly values creating a healthy culture and I help to oversee discipleship. This would be a huge asset not only for our leadership team but our culture and would be dispersed to lots of people!

  13. I was not able to access the Facebook page. I would love to win this bundle so that I could learn more about how to teach keep your love on principles. I work at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge as a Chaplain, and God allows me opportunities to speak into many marriages. I would love to have this information to be more equipped!😁

  14. I desire to have healthy relationships around me in my community which is so international and diverse. I want to be at a place of being able to give and learn and share even on the field.

  15. I am part of a church ministry where we are working on transforming our intimacy and funadamental foundation through your books. I would love to share what I would learn here with others.

  16. I recently found Keep Your Love On and love it! Being a military family we often seem so disconnected and the book and this blog have helped me so much. Thanks for the opportunity to acquire such an amazing gift!

  17. I wouldn’t use these powerfully tools tic influenced and train my staff and family members. Communication has always been a struggle for me, burn bu God Grace, and your training am hoping to become a strenghtened warrior in this area. Ed

  18. I would like to learn how to keep my love on in all situations with my wife and two children 3yrs and 17 months old. I would lie to be able to be an example to my family of strength in keeping relationships healthy. I want my children to know no matter the mess, daddy will always clean his mess up and be patient and loving with them as they learn to clean up their messes.

  19. The Facebook link didn’t work with my phone. I would love these courses because they have some really practical tools on how to navigate life successfully. I love Culture of Honor and Loving Our Kids on Purpose. Highly recommend!

  20. Hi Danny I couldn’t get through to the facebook page.
    I would love to win the package because as a grandma of 9 and a recently employed education assistant, your resources would be invaluable to consistently love on purpose those who are in my care with intentional wisdom…
    Bless you always
    Kym 🙂

  21. I want to take the parenting class because my wife and I are expecting our first little one, a little boy, in August. I want to raise him correctly with love being the focus and not fear but I don’t know exactly how to practically do that. These classes would help so much!

  22. I’m recovering from intimacy avoidance, codependency, and issues associated with grief. your writing has definitely helped and i want to learn more to be healthier and to be able to encourage my family and others.

  23. I wasnt able to get the Facebook link to work but would value the resources you are giving away. I want to be the best me i can be in all my relationships including and most importantly with my future husband.

  24. I couldn’t post or share on fb .. the link said unavailable! I’ve read loving your kids on purpose and it totally rocked my world .. I’m a mom to 4 and am trying to raise my babies to passionately and authentically pursue the Father and to love people as they see my husband and I are doing the same ! The book had such great tools and would love to learn how to be more equipped in all my relationships!

  25. This would be an incredible blessing for both my fiancé and I and my children and I. I am already so grateful for the blog posts and emails, but I am thirsty for more of God’s great wisdom that you do insightfully and lovingly share through so many outlets. Thank you for the opportunity!

  26. I’ve only been able to subscribe to the free daily email blog which I’ve benefited greatly from and would love to learn and benefit more from these courses.

  27. My wife and I have have recently received a tremendous upgrade of influence, and we desire to steward people, relationships, responsibilities…Kingdom principles, as well as we can. LOP has been life-transforming for our family, and we can think of no better way to receive further training.

  28. I want to take the course because I feel at a loss as to how to parent most days! I really want to learning how to include Holy Spirit in my parenting and in all of my relationships.

  29. I have been reading your emails for a while now and been longing to buy the parenting course but just had to wait for our internet at home and finances to be sorted, just completed 2 year course cert 4 in Christian ministry and teology, same course Stairway church is doing, very much like School of supernatural living, loved it, but really want to invest in my family and relationships now that my identity as a daughter is becoming a reality to me

  30. The opportunity to deepen and strengthen your relationships is always grounded in choice . . . it’s not always easy, it’s not always clear, but it’s always a choice . . . Danny’s material makes that choice much easier and I want to make that choice more often and with more intention. (Facebook link was not working)

  31. Love you guys! I hope I win bc I’m broke (since my brain surgery & now about to bring one 4 small kids 10years – 18months) but mostly I hope it does its job and brings more and more ppl to the knowledge of you guys are and what you do. You know I love you and believe in you. You changed my life and relationship with my family. For that I am forever grateful.

  32. Facebookpage is not working at themoment, therefore a comment here: I want to learn in a deeper way to walk in healthy relationships. I have a boyfriend since a few months ago fir the first time in my life (i am 35now) and I would love to learn how to be both powerfull people!!!

  33. Together with my co-workers I am heading up a healthy, culture of honor culture at SoZorg ( I love to be involved at the academy to learn, to equip en to build a Kingdom Culture at SoZorg and in my personal life.

  34. I want to have healthy, vibrant life in all relationships so that others can see the love and grace of our loving Father and Lord for them.

  35. I think about how I can make fear or love decisions thousands of times a day. This is an awesome way to encourage individual contentment , powerful and supportive relationships and social growth and harmony. I have embraced these ideas to be used in my mission to teach and inspire social change so it would be really powerful and enabling to have this training.

  36. I couldn’t post on FB. It said unavailable. But I am so excited to have this chance. I already tell everyone I know about LOP. My whole parenting style has changed as a result of your teaching. I am freer and my children are becoming powerful people. My son’s therapist is even implementing LOP values into her work with other families. I am so grateful for your ministry.

  37. I have only just been introduced to your teaching and loving it. I have not been able to get any of your books on loving on purpose here in Australia. I would love to do your courses to help myself and my boys get through our domestic violence background and build better and stronger relationships not only with other people but with ourselves.

  38. I could not get the FB link to work. KYLO and Culture of Honor has changed my marriage and other relationships. I love these resources; they are challenging and rewarding. Thank you SO much! Dana

  39. We are so many out there, in deep and real need of LOVE and all that love truly is! If I am one to win among the many others applications, will it mean I’ve been more blessed than the others? If I’d love them, or desire to love them, will I not wish them to win even at my expense? May the "winners" simply win. May we all experience blessings, and may LOVE find and reach each one of us right where we are

  40. I want to bring Heaven into my earthly life. I am tired of mediocricy I want the best that God has for me 😇🙏

  41. I love Danny’s teachings, and I would love to be able to learn how to go even deeper in my relationships so that they last for a lifetime!

  42. I have just recently been introduced to loving on purpose and the life academy and am really interested in taking the parenting course and would love to grow in my other relationships as well. This would truly be a life changer for myself and my family! (I posted here as it said the FB page was unavailable when I clicked on the link).

  43. There are so many been warring between fear and love between our society, I hope to equip myself and become a blessing to those in need in God’s kingdom.

  44. Facebook link doesn’t work. I believe these resources will be great tools in helping my wife & I in the current restoration of our marriage. We have not divorced but have not lived together since 2010. We are so close to restoration! Jesus is Lord!

  45. I believe the courses are life changing- I want a strong stable marriage and healthy fulfilled relationship relationships

  46. I really want to fix my marriage, the lesson we already watched was very close to home, access to help and a resource that works I would really love. We need the help to get back on track.

  47. My passion is to help people pursue relational excellence. I’ve experienced a relational miracle in the past 6 months and it’s primarily due to your material. I didn’t have anyone in my social sphere that I would say had a high relational I.Q. I want my relational ceiling to be other people’s floor, these courses will help sharpen that ability.

  48. I reale wanz to know hohe to live Heart- relationship to my husband May Friends
    And i like it to Share it in my counselling work

  49. Healthy relationships are the pillars of families, friendships and every other realm of social interaction. I’d love to learn more about it and pass it on to others!

  50. I don’t have Facebook, so commenting here. I love helping others live life to the fullest and guiding others towards healthy communication.

  51. My husband and I host regular small groups in our home. We would love to learn how to make these relationships more meaningful, and help all the families represented to do life together

  52. Other than hearing amazing testimonies of your programs, I know listening and studying your teachings I will gain so much wisdom and revelation of how to love on purpose, empower others and be the leader God is calling me to be!

  53. I don’t have Facebook, or any social media. But I want to continue growing my friendships, and relationships while Keeping my Love on.

  54. I’m changing the story for my daughter and our relationships. I come from an abusive home and want to be sure the cycle stops with me. Taking steps to make it better for her.

  55. I was first introduced to Danny through his book Culture of Honor. It blew me away, so practical and Word of God centered. this introduced me to the I have been following him since and long to take the next step but due to constraints am unable to do so. I long to grow in my relationships with my wife and 3 children in a healthy way and let this overflow to those we interact with daily and make a difference in the places God has placed us.

  56. My family and I would benefit from these programs. I loved the book "Keep your Love On" and I would love for my family and myself to go deeper.
    We would also love to be able to share with others; so they can benefit to!

  57. My husband and I come from a long line of fearful relationships which have left deep wounds. We feel called to break this cycle but can’t do it alone. We have a deep desire to share this knowledge with families in our sphere of influence. Thank you!

  58. I would love to win this as keep your love on and loving our kids on purpose has radically impacted my life ans improved it off the better! I would love to take the next steps of knowing how to better implement all of these amazing practices in my daily life and in all of my interactions to show God’s love in every interaction I have!

  59. Keep Your Love On has completely changed how I do relationships and has helped me to get through a tough circumstance. I have recommended the book/DVD pack to many friends, who are now experiencing "ah ha" moments and making significant life changes. Thank you, Danny Silk, for following God’s calling on your life.

  60. We have learned so much from your books and would love the opportunity to learn more in this method. I know this will be a blessing to whoever wins.

  61. I want to fight for my marriage and my relationship with others, jeeping safe boundaries and my love on always like Jesus did! 😀

  62. Any steps toward freedom to authentically give and receive love (not motivated by fear, guilt, and obligation) would benefit me, my family, and friends so much.

  63. My husband and I feel like we’ve hit a wall with our vivacious mighty arrow (our four year old son), and are ready to take our parenting to the next level! I feel the leadership track would also be pertinent for this phase of our lives. Winning would be an enormous blessing!

  64. Loving on Purpose has revolutionized my life. I first read Keep your Love on (and Culture of Honour) 4 years ago and have never been the same since. I have even started to see fruit from the principles I have taken to heart. I would love to win these tracks to continue to build upon these principles. Loving on Purpose has become such a part of my every day life! I want to continue to learn and grow.

  65. The kingdom perspective of Loving on Purpose has impacted me internally as well as relationally. The process of becoming as well as helping others to become powerful in love and freedom greatly improves the quality of life. I want to invest my life in helping others become healthy, powerful, and free to live the life God intended, being who they were created to be, effecting the world around them through love.

  66. I’m currently building a Life Coaching firm, so I’m looking for anything that would help me to grow personally so that I can help others grow in the same way towards their calling!

  67. I want to be better…A better wife. A better friend. A better coworker. Better in all of my relationships.

  68. I love Danny Silk’s teachings on relationships, and know Iwould benefit from his Leadership course as well.

  69. Loving on purpose has taught so many simple practical truth that it raised my standard of commitment towards others in love and relationships with family friends and my children of course I’m thankful and I’d like to learn more

  70. I am deeply grateful for your invaluable resources and share them with many people that I walk through personal healing and marriage restoration.
    Thank you for making this life-changing guidance available…How many lives have been brought into wholeness and clarity through what you have faithfully worked through with the Lord!!

  71. All of your programs are incredible and my husband and I have learned so much from "Loving on Purpose" and "Keep Your love On" We have 2 incredible boys ages 4 and 5 we started using "Loving on Purpose" at ages 1 and 3. My husband and I have chosen this path to raise our boys we want them to have freedom, be powerful people and most important stay connected with them and each other. We wish we could move your Bethel School here to our location or even hold meetings/seminars for all those around us. Our boys attend a Christian School which we love, we wish would could bring all the teachings here.
    “Loving on Purpose” has taught my husband and I so much about our own relationship and about ourselves we want to keep going.
    My husband and I want to learn everything we can on relationships, leadership and parenting. Danny Silk you are incredible! Thank you for all that you do!

  72. I do not have a Facebook account.

    I have read many of Danny’s books and I am always blessed by the material.

  73. I would like to win a course because despite all the self help/parenting /relationship material I have inundated myself in over the years, there has only been very small payback.
    I would hope life academy could catalysr transformation in me and my sphere.i

  74. Hello, my husband and I are new to all of your resources.
    We have watched a few lessons through a support group called ReEngage in Redding and are excited to continue. We would
    love to access your resources at home. Thank you

  75. I want to be all God wants me to be and help others do the same. This is an incredible tool to assist me in that process. (Plus, I enjoy anything that has to do with KYLO and Loving On Purpose 😄) Greetings from Honduras.

  76. I don’t have a Facebook account. I would love to have your resources to reflect Christ in all my relationships and interactions and to help others as well.

  77. It would be a tremendous gift and opportunity to be able to receive this package for it is such a privilege and an honor to love but it doesn’t always come easy. For I know myself and I could use a healthy dose for my family for my community for my job, I would love to be able to have this opportunity . Thank u Justina Aubrey God Bless KYLO

  78. My husband and I love Kylo and anytime we get to hear you speak Danny! We feel like we are called to lead people into healthier relationships through overcoming fear and we know we need this stuff to help us so we can help others!

  79. I would be so grateful to win your course as I’ve been intentional in declaring and living out the 12 declarations written at the end of the "Keep Your Love On" book. It’s been life changing in my most vital relationships. I’ve been able to share them at my 12 step group and with others that I mentor one on one. Even at Easter, I was able to share the 5 love languages with my extended family and we each wrote down our top 2 and now I have a compiled list that we can use to intentionally connect better with one another. It’s an answer to one of my dreams to be an atmosphere changer and an encourager in my extended family relationships. I’m so grateful to the Lord for your insights! Richest blessings.

  80. I want to love others well! Keep Your Love On helped me so much and I want to grow more in the area of healthy relationships and leadership!

  81. To rise above the relational dysfunction that plagues so many of us today so as to be and stay emotionally healthy

  82. To have healthy relationships that reflect the glory and goodness of our Father and how he originally designed relationships to be. That it doesn’t have to be draining or painful but so fun and truly the best love story lived. Bc this is his good design and we get to follow in his steps.

  83. I want to learn how to have better relationships and maintain connection especially with my young adult children

  84. Read KYLO three times and Gave away over 10 copies to my people. Transformational, freeing, impowering. Would love to keep going. Thank you for the ministry!

  85. My journey started with the birth of our children. Then our pastor gave me insight into my 1st mision – "A fathers duty is to ensure that his family gets to heaven". Then I was introduced to the teachings of Danny Silk. WOW !!! If GOD has ever spoken through someone, it is certain Danny Silk !!! Danny redirected my life goal to "work everyday and every interaction to bring Heaven to Earth". That is now my purpose every morning that I awake. Danny has allowed me to see how narrow my net and understanding was and still is, but I have a new bag full of shiny new tools from Danny Silk and with LOP and all the other amazing media of Danny Silk and Bethel, a resource to sharpen each of those tools indefinitely.

  86. I raise my 2 boys based on this idea that the way of teaching children is to be governed from the inside through the law of love.

  87. I want to break through these walls that seem to produce feelings of being controlled and feeling powerless in our home. My teen and young adult daughters really need the breakthrough of a real experience of Heaven, not just talk about the reality. I want to experience lots more love and a lot less fear in my relationships with my husband, daughters, and friends.

  88. Bought Loving On Purpose and it is such a resource filled with eye-opening and practical wisdom. I quote you all the time.

  89. It’s my lovewalk with our Lord that keeps me on track and in line with His Word. Thank You, Jesus, for Galatians 1:10 and for teachings that bring us closer to Your love 💕

  90. KYLO provided tools and insight on establishing a healthy relationship with my boyfriend who is now my husband. I want to learn more so I can have healthier relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and strangers so that in turn, I can model and empower others to do the same.

  91. Simply put – I want to be one who is governed and led by love in all circumstances. I want to learn how.

  92. I would love to continue to learn and grow in what God has for me and for others through me, so that He can be glorified in all that I do.

  93. I feel incapable of deeply loving and promoting those around me (my wife and kids first and foremost) — there’s an ache in my heart to see that changed.

  94. I first heard Danny Silk teach at a Jesus Culture conference in Manchester. The lessons stayed with me. I will love to continue learning to improve my marriage and better prepare to be a Dad in a few months. I want to get parenting right from the beginning.

  95. Danny Silk teachings KYLO, LOP, COH, Global Legacy LDP1&2 interviews & IBetheltv has changed my personal life for ever and how I minister to others. I can’t wait to learn more, apply to my own life and teach others how to walk into healthy relationships in community!

  96. I am facing very core fears during this season of my life and want to know God’s love in a personal way to help me walk through them.

  97. I want to learn so that it will spread through my life to others! They will see my heart change and be inspired also!

  98. We received your book "Loving your kids on purpose" at a time when 2 of our children started to rebel (teenagers). The info in the book saved our relationship with our kids! Everything that you have put out has impacted our lives for good! We would love to continue to learn and grow and help others to create a culture of connection and love in every relationship!

  99. I love Keep Your Love On, and I want to dive deeper into how to live this out! I know it will grow me and flow down to everyone I lead and run with.

  100. I want to learn to walk this stuff out better. Very life-giving and healthy. I like the focus on keeping your love on and maintaining the connection.

  101. Loving on Purpose has been such an amazing tool for my parenting classes! Helping to empower young mothers and parents to truly LOVE their children on purpose and with a purpose!!!

  102. I am a volunteer in our community – so I would love to have as many tools in my
    kit as possible to share with others and empower them to be the people God
    destined them to be, knowledge is power and I can freely give and pass it on.
    I love the culture of honor and love that is behind the messages from your ministry.

  103. We are so powerful that responding out of love and not being triggered into bad behaviour will ultimately shape the world of everyone around us. It’s a journey we all need help on.

  104. What exactly from my time-gifts-energy-passion-LOVE is God wanting me to invest in His Kingdom?
    f.ex. I would like to learn what exactly is God wanting me to give my time to in church dynamics. I coordinate the small groups in church. Yet they are not really dynamic, the millenials aren’t attracted at all. On the other hand the vision of the church leadership team is much focused on pastoral care, coaching of people in need, coaching the pastoral coaches.
    No energy seems left to coach the small group leaders. I personally am at the top of what I can offer in time and energy. If that is what God desires, I continue this role. On the other hand I feel attracted to be coached to become a pastoral worker, since I feel a vibrant passion among many of the leading people of my church for that domain in life.
    Yet-another one- I want all my love in the first place to be felt by my husband and children.
    I want to discern where/how God needs my love the most to build His Kingdom.

  105. I want to see my nation transformed by the power of God’s love, and I know it starts with me and my family!

  106. Our family has been so touched and our lives impacted and changed by loving on purpose. We have been blessed more than words could ever say. From kylo to loving our kids on purpose. We’ve seen this work in our own family and we want to take these tools to help others. We know that this is something we will step into soon. It would be so amazing to win something that is so valuable.

  107. In this short time on earth we have I want to LOVE in every aspect of my LIFE, present and future, generations and friends. These tracks seem like wonderful GOD – breathed courses that could help me in my walk as a single mom, in healthy relationships, and as a leader when I hopefully graduate as an Optometrist.

  108. I loved keep your love on, and it helped my family build healthier and deeper relationships. I’d love to learn more via this track.

  109. I long to live in real love and real life in order to pass on a Jesus changed life to my children and grandchildren. (number 14 and 15 are on their way!)

  110. Keep your love on is my heart cry! I want to live it, impart it and see individuals, marriages, families transformed!

  111. I just started leading an inner city, teen ministry and I desire to establish healthy culture, community and love amongst our staff as well as our teens and families.

  112. I want to have healthy relationships and be able to create environments of wholeness whenever people encounter me– now and for future generations.

  113. I love Loving on Purpose! I am on a beautiful journey with Jesus and want to learn more about how to truly love all people.

  114. Our children are the future. My husband and I wish to break cycles and find freedom and guide our children in freedom. Your material is amazing in this process.

  115. I have read Keep Your Love On one or two times a year since you wrote it and have given away multiple copies. No matter how many times I read it I’m still learning and growing. Life Academy will help me instill these principles stronger in myself and my family while breaking the patterns that have been set forth by previous generations.
    I’m also in the middle of Loving Our Kids On Purpose. I didn’t know how much it would help me with toddlers, but my relationship with our 4-year-old has reached new depths of connection. I want more!

  116. I’ve experienced the power of love over fear through the material developed by Danny, and would love to develop these healthy principles in my church.

  117. I love how much I am learning from KYLO and would love deeper teaching to bring more truth and life to my community in The north coast of Ireland 😀

  118. I’d like to take these courses because I have a desire to learn more in the area of parenting, relationships, and leadership. I am a single mom of two children, never married – so with that I am always wanting/needing more information on how I can be better in these areas. I am always looking for opportunities to learn & grow. I also have worked and I am currently working in leadership roles. I have a lot to learn. I also at some point want to coach & train in these areas along with others. Currently I am in a season where I feel stuck and I need some direction and Holy Spirit wisdom to know how to shift into better alignment with vision & purpose in these areas as well. Thank you so much.

  119. I am a husband, father, pastor, son, and friend. Having learned how to practically love people, meet their needs, effectively communicate my needs has been life changing in my relationships. I’d love to learn more!

    I do not have social media so can’t fulfill step 3 unfortunately 🙁

  120. I have benefited from Danny’s teaching on relationships so much already. I would love to go to next level in the battle between love and fear. Thanks for everything so far Danny!

  121. I would love to win because I wasn’t raised with healthy relationships. I have been learning so much from the child’s book and the Instagram pictures you have posted and I want to continue learning to have healthy relationships!

  122. I am married and have three kids and Danny’s books have been a huge blessing in our family. My husband and I speak the truth in love and are raising powerful kids! I also lead a Moms in Prayer group where moms come and unload their deep concerns for their children. I want to be equipped to be able to be a mentor and a help to others. Lastly, I really feel the Lord calling me into a lay counseling ministry, so I need to gleam all the wisdom I can so that I can effectively help others.

  123. I’m a single mother of two adult daughters who are married and I have two granddaughters and I grew up where there was no love or hugs, After becoming a disciple of Jesus, I still did not know God as a loving father until over 6 years ago and that changed everything. I want to have healthy relationships and learn more about how to keep your love on.
    Thank you so much!

  124. im a single mother, i struggle with frustration with my kids. they laugh at discipline and refuse to respond to instruction. i cry alot and feel defeated more then i should. they are 17 months apart 4 and 5 years old. it has been so hard, i grew up with yelling punishment and fear. my mom was also single and i dont want to go the same way she did with us. i love her very much but i dont want to parent her way.

  125. I want to learn more about how to truly love my family and people I come in contact with everyday. Thank you. Patricia Hodges

  126. I really need to be better at loving in my relationships, as a leader, and most definitely as a parent!

  127. I d love to join The Life Academy community because I belive God is calling me in this season in my life to transform my relationships so I can be renewed and transformed myself. I also want to break the circle of disfunctional patterns and interactions that I inherited so that from my children on the generations that will come will be closer to God, His love and His truth.

  128. I would like to participate because I am currently trying to gain more ground in winning over fear in my personal life and in living out my relationships to my two sons, a teen and a pre-teen. My husband and I have been helped by the "Loving on Purpose" book. We are active in our church here in Berlin, Germany, and are watching the Holy Spirit do a great work in many lives…starting with greater intimacy to Him in our own lives…the greatest joy I have personally found. His perfect love casts out all fear. Thanks for everything and blessings!

  129. I want to have healthier relationships with my people around me and I want to grow in self-control since Danny Silk has such a revelation and understanding of it.

  130. Learning to love on purpose and be a more present person… Learning to persevere and consider it pure joy to live and creat progress everyday

  131. I read KYLO when my marriage was on the rocks, and it was the tool I needed to shift focus onto what would save my marriage – and praise the Lord, it did! I would absolutely love to learn more of these principles on a deeper level.

  132. I really love reading and hearing Danny Silk. I have learned so much about relationships since I was introduced to him by my wife several years ago.

  133. KYLO has impacted my life and the lives of those around me. I’m so grateful for it! I would
    Love to continue to learn and grow in and help others do the same along the way!

  134. I would like to learn more about loving myself, loving God and loving others through building strong loving relationships and hopefully start a domino effect of true love around me.

  135. I love Danny’s ministry. His messages reach the innermost parts of my heart encouraging & challenging me to love deeper, stronger & longer. I have been married to a wonderful man for 20+ years. We have a middle school student , high school student & a college student. My family dynamic growing up was a bit cold & indifferent. I’m finding that I am displaying some of those same traits. The lord uses me to minister to women & children, but how much more powerful if I can be free from the fear of loving vulnerably.

  136. I am very interested in becoming more powerful in my relationships with others and helping others to be empowered in their relationships.

  137. I am very grateful for what I already was allowed to learn through the book parenting on purpose. Now I’d love to learn and develop even more as a pastor and leader and be able to empower those around me.

  138. I first was introduced to Danny and Sheri 3 years ago thru reading the Culture of Honor. It blew my mind, the way Danny approached life and way different to what I have been led to believe all my Christian walk. Would love to (who would not) be one of the winners of the special award as I am hungry to learn and develop personally and additionally empower those around me and prepare me for the vision God has placed in my heart and the calling on my family.

  139. i love "Keep Your Love On" book! This is a great help not just for me but to a lot of people in our church, family, and other connections around. Thank you for your life Danny Silk!

  140. As I look back on my past through the lenses of a mother, I am proud to mention that I raised two beautiful daughters that are now completing their college careers, but some how through this process I have disconnected from them. I do not think I protected their hearts nor show them the responsibilities of life. I was very passive and discipline on what I considered it was the right thing to do… Now remarried and with a set of twins, I refuse to make the same mistakes and really want to learn how to connect heart to heart with my children and family without jeopardizing the freedom that GOD has granted to us… I would like to empower myself to empower those that I LOVE…

  141. I really want to have better relationship with my kids (4yrs & 2yrs)from heart to heart & disciplining them so they can grow as respectable, successful & happy individual.

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