What is repentance?

Danny Silk

A lot of people seem to think that repentance comes down to confessing what you did wrong and apologizing for it. In this vlog, I explain why apology and confession both fall short of genuine repentance, which requires a journey of transformation and accountability.

P.S.- I am releasing a new eCourse on this subject next month so keep an eye out!

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  1. This is perfect! Very clear on what repentance is. I think repentance and forgiveness are two very different issues. I can repent before the person I have offended forgives me and I can forgive before the person who offended me repents. I choose repentance just as I choose forgiveness. I need Jesus to help me with both.

  2. I was the abuser or the perpetrator in a 29 years of marriage to my wife. I was up and down ,controlling, unpredictable and some times violent and abusive. I had no boundaries because I too was a victim of abuse. I have mental issues PSTD, Schitzephrenia, psychological jealousy and delusion. My marriage failed because Of what I did. I have repented of my behaviour but to know what to do and the next step you explained very well Danny and it’s hard to do and find the right person. This is a relief. I am on medication, and have a clinical team support, im accountable to leaders and mentors in my life and attend a loving home group and church family. I know im a changed man and need to work it out now. Being honest and finding that New pathway to start walking out.

    God bless you abundantly.


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