What Does Honor Look Like? Fruit to look for in the culture you are creating around you

Danny Silk

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I talk about the “culture of honor” every time someone hands me a mic, but I am consistently asked what a culture of honor means and actually looks like. I could spend years unpacking this, but here are a few ways I tend to answer.

A culture of honor is created as a community of people who learn to see others in their God-given identities. The principle of honor states that acknowledging who God says people are will position us to receive the gift of who they are in our lives and communities.

In a culture of honor, leaders courageously treat people according to the names God gives them and not according to the aliases they receive from people. They treat people as friends, not slaves. As righteous, not sinners. As wealthy, not poor.

Life flows through honor. The fruit of establishing a culture of honor is that the resurrection life of God begins to flow into people’s lives, homes and communities, bringing healing, restoration, blessing, joy, hope and wholeness.

Here is some fruit you will begin to see in people as a culture of honor is established in your community:

  • Dreamers: People who aren’t afraid to think out of the box.·      Love: People who love deeply and know that in return they are loved.
  • Forgiveness: People who know they are forgiven and are consistently willing to pursue forgiveness and re-establish connection.
  • Freedom: People who are free to be themselves and bring their all to the table.
  • Covenant: People who say they would do anything to protect relationship.

If we are not seeing this fruit, we must ask ourselves whether we are truly honoring those around us. What kind of culture are you developing around you? What practical steps can you take today in seeing those around you as our Divine Father sees them?



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