UNMASKING FEAR: The Battle Between Fear and Love

Danny Silk

Someone once said that the enemy’s greatest trick is convincing the world he doesn’t exist. He loves to deceive us into thinking that other people are the enemy, not him. And just as he did in the Garden, he also continues to plant the deception that we know better—than God or anyone else. 

He knows that if he can get a bunch of people thinking they’re right, others are wrong, and that makes them enemies, he can get them to destroy each other and do his work for him

The climate of fear, conflict, chaos, hate, and division in our society today make it clear that these deceptions are alive and well. Technology is amplifying the problem by catering to our selfish biases, empowering us to create isolated echo chambers where we simply reinforce our views, fears, and suspicions, and become ever more resistant to outside perspectives. 

In this video in our Unmasking Fear series, Sheri and I discuss the antidote to the enemy’s deception. Simply put, we must recognize that isolation and mistrust are the most spiritually dangerous place we can live. We must learn to open our lives and hearts and learn to build trust with other people

 Trust is formed through the exchange of truth. It grows as we create a safe place to show people our thoughts, feelings, and needs, and invite them to do the same for us. We need to seek feedback on how other people are experiencing us, give them similar feedback, and be willing to adjust to build and protect connection. This takes time, risk, and effort, but this is the work of love that brings unity and drives out fear. 

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