UNMASKING FEAR: Responsibility of Respect

Danny Silk

Responsibility lies at the core of the culture of honor. Responsibility is literally the ability to respond instead of react. It means coming to every situation, conversation, and relationship in our lives with a plan for what we are going to do, no matter what anyone else does. 

Disrespect and disagreement are going to happen in human relationships. If we don’t have a plan for how to respond when we encounter them, we only set ourselves up to be shocked and reactionary—which is a setup to be the worst version of ourselves. What we’re seeing in this cultural moment is that a lot of us do not have an effective plan for responding to disrespect and disagreement with honor.

In this second part of our Unmasking Fear video series, Sheri and I discuss two critical areas of awareness that we need to grow in if we want to become responsible with our honor. Without this awareness, we will be showing up to conversations without the ability to see what’s really going on behind the surface. 

The first is spiritual awareness. At the deepest level of our lives, there is a spiritual battle between the voice of love (Holy Spirit) and the voice of fear (the enemy). The voice of love reminds us that the person we’re dealing with is a valuable human being worthy of respect. The voice of fear tricks us into lowering their value.  

The second is emotional awareness, especially around anger. So often, anger is a secondary emotion. When we’re feeling scared or powerless, anger is the false power we go to. When we see anger through this lens of awareness, we don’t have to react to it. Instead, we can engage with the person to try and find out where their fear and powerlessness are coming from 

Join us for the conversation!

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