UNMASKING FEAR: How to Talk to Your Kids

Danny Silk

Parents, we know this has been an incredibly challenging season for you in so many ways. The changes have been nonstop and stressful, from having kids home from school to helping them navigate their online studies, get along with each other, deal with the disappointment of cancelled graduations and other events, understand what’s going on in the world, and prepare for an unknown future. All while continuing to manage your own jobs and responsibilities! 

Brittney and Ben Serpell, our parenting voices at Loving on Purpose, have been in the trenches doing the same work with their own family as well as fielding questions and requests from dozens of parents during this season. So, we thought it would be helpful to have Sheri sit down with Brittney on our Unmasking Fear series to talk about how parents can lead themselves and their kids well in this unique time. 

Bottom line: This is a golden opportunity for parents and kids alike to grow in being powerful people who choose connection in the face of so many things that threaten to make us feel powerless and drive us apart. Join the conversation to find tools and ideas for making the most of this opportunity!

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