UNMASKING FEAR: Fatherlessness

Danny Silk

The death of George Floyd in May triggered a massive response in the U.S. and around the world that has included thousands of protests and riots, marketing campaigns and promotions, trends on social media, campaigns for reform, and hundreds of thousands of conversations at all levels around the topic of racism. 

As believers, we soundly condemn racism and every other “ism” that involves the dehumanization of people to any degree, and want to do our part to pray and act in ways that help to bring healing and justice to those who have been victims of evil. However, we also know that unless we dig deeper and address the root problems that produce these evils in our world, any solution we come up with won’t be effective in the long term and will probably create more problems. 

Everything we do at Loving on Purpose has been birthed from our own journey of growing up in broken families and experiencing the incredible restoration of coming home to the Father. As we have served couples, families, and organizations, we have seen over and over that the root cause of division, dysfunction, and breakdown in people’s lives and society all begins in the home. Racism, sexism, classism and other evils are all ultimately rooted in the enemy’s attacks on families. 

In this video, we share some of our own personal experiences with fatherlessness and family breakdown, our passion to see people come to know the Father, and our hope for the restoration of fathers and families. 

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