Tis’ the Season to KYLO – Take a moment to step back

Brittney Serpell

“Tis the Season to KYLO” it may not be as obvious as you would think. For some this is the happiest time of year, they scurry to the best deals as they prepare the shopping list for friends and family, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer has become suitable music for driving from store to store and all the extra people only add to the excitement of the holidays. For me, it is by far my most favorite time of the year. I love nights spent with family and friends, sharing fun times of past years and reminiscing on those memories we have made in this season.  I love coming together and gathering close to the one I love most.

However, I know that this is not always the experience of every person or home during the holidays. I have heard countless stories of hurtful encounters with family, disappointing memories of friends who are no longer friends and reminders of loved ones who will never be a part of the season again. For some, this is the most painful time of the year.

This is where the power of KYLO comes in! While you’re in the Starbucks line, checking out at the grocery store or waiting to buy the last of the toys on your child’s Christmas List. Remember your most “favorite” time of the year could be someone’s most painful time of the year. Keep Your love On means more than being kind when your at the line in Starbucks, it means look for the places to be intentional with His Love! Look around and listen to the Holy Sprit, what is He saying? You never know if your smile and allowing them to get in front of you at the check-out means they get home to their sick mother that much faster. The unexpected generosity of buying someone’s coffee, reminds them that someone cares. We are carriers of His love and hope, make sure we’re doing all we can to give it away.  In John 13:35, it says “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” He loves when we love. The most powerful encounters happen in love. If you are his disciples go and flood the world with His love, now more than ever! You are a powerful people set apart to show the world what it means to Keep Your Love On.

I pray that this holiday season you have a deeper encounter of His love and grace. That your home be filled with the hope of all of His favor and goodness for the next year. You are His Children whom he loves! Press into his presence when you need strength, seek His face when you need to find hope and call on his comfort when you need to feel His love. He is our everything; from the lyrics of John Mark McMillian is Future Past- You are my first, You are my last, You are my future and my past.

We Love you Jesus, thank You for everything!

Brittney Serpell and The LOP Team

P.S. Happy Birthday Jesus!

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