Thinking About Getting Married? Do This First

Danny Silk

The Defining the Relationship eCourse is officially live and available through The Life Academy! This eCourse is for:

  1. Anyone single, dating, or engaged who wants to prepare for a godly, healthy marriage
  2. Pastors and counselors who help couples prepare for marriage
  3. Married couples who want to strengthen the foundation of their relationship

Instead of just describing the what DTR covers, however, I wanted to SHOW you by inviting you to preview Session 1 of the course: “Welcome to Defining the Relationship.” This session is where I explain why defining the relationship is so important, and the steps required to get there.



As you’ll see, my approach with Defining the Relationship is one of compassionate straight talk. I’d rather be that guy who (gently) confronts engaged couples with the truth of what it actually takes to build a healthy marriage than the guy who hears, “Why didn’t anyone tell us about this before we got married?” In my experience, ignorance of what marriage requires does not lead to wedded bliss.

Couples who choose to be courageous in seeking to love one another in the light of the truth, however, set themselves up to “grow into the largeness of marriage,” as Jesus said (Matthew 19:12 MSG). Ultimately, these are the ones who get to experience the true riches that a lifelong covenant brings. If you’re considering marriage, please join us on this journey!



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