The Priority of Connection – Perfect parenting is overrated!

Danny Silk

Our forth track in the Life Academy, The Priority of Connection, is live!

In this track, we go after the pressure we all feel to be PERFECT parents. As if just surviving as a parent wasn’t enough, our culture can often make us feel like we’re not doing enough or saying it right or should be doing this and not doing that.

But I’ve got great news…

The goal of healthy parenting (the kind that doesn’t screw your kids up:) isn’t PERFECTION, it’s CONNECTION!

The Priority of Connection track walks you through how to lay perfection or the pressure of parenting aside to pursue connection, which in turn parents your kids in ways most people could never imagine possible.

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A healthy heart-to-heart connection is the only vehicle through which we can offer our kids the full strength and benefit of our life as they grow up. Connection enables us to impart our values, influence thinking, cultivate responsibility, show love and support, and prepare our children to develop healthy connections with others.

In the Priority of Connection track, Sheri and Brittney (my wife & daughter) take you inside our family’s journey of pursuing the priority of connection through every stage of parenting, from infancy and toddlerhood through to adulthood.

As you’ll hear, this journey got pretty bumpy and painful at times, but by God’s grace, we continued to go after connection and strengthen it on the other side of conflict and disconnection. This message is a vital part to who we are as a family, and we are confident that it will impact your lives as much as it has ours.

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