The New Covenant: Unpunishable Chapter 5

Danny Silk

Welcome to the next vlog in our Unpunishable series! Chapter 5, “The New Covenant,” is where we look at how Jesus ushered in the Unpunishable paradigm. In coming to take the punishment for our sin and offer us forgiveness, Jesus revealed the heart of His Father to reconcile us and restore us to Himself. In this new covenant, we don’t simply receive the assurance that we won’t go to eternal punishment when we die—we actually get to be delivered from the prison of the punishment paradigm that has kept us blind to who God really is. Jesus made a way for us to no longer see through Father through the lens of fear, but to learn to protect our relationship with Him out of love. This is what it means to have His law written on our hearts! This is the freedom Jesus purchased for us, and we can’t live without it. Watch now!

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