The Covenant-Making God: Unpunishable Chapter 4

Danny Silk

Welcome to the fourth vlog in our Unpunishable series!

After Adam and Eve ate the fruit God told them not to eat, they hid from God—even though they had never experienced Him to be angry or punishing. How could God repair relationship with humans who had become prone to believe lies about Him and move away from Him?

This is the topic I explore in Chapter 4 of Unpunishable, “The Covenant-Making God.” Many people falsely believe that the story of the Bible shows God to be angry and punishing, but this is a distortion—the very distortion that came on the human race through the fall. The true story of the Bible shows God to be a loving Father who is grieved that His children have walked away from Him and had passionately and painstakingly pursued relationship with us by inviting key individuals and their families into covenant relationships with Him. In these covenants we see His true heart and character to restore us. Watch now!

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