Parenting with Purpose – 6 Ways to Raise Powerful Children

Danny Silk

I recently asked some of my favorite leaders & thinkers for their greatest piece of parenting advice.

My intention was to put a small, but powerful, reading book together to help the dozens of people I speak to on a monthly basis who are starving for sound advice in raising their children.

As this resource has developed, it quickly surpassed my expectations. It became a wealth of parenting wisdom that I believe is sure to help you bring the Kingdom of God closer to your children.

As you read, you’ll  discover ways of thinking, practical skills, and revelations to help you raise connected and powerful children.

I’m honored to have had the following friends and leaders contribute:

Bill Johnson, Author of When Heaven Invades Earth

Wm. Paul Young, Author of The Shack

Kris Vallotton, Author of Fashioned to Reign

Shawn Bolz, Author of Translating God

Dr. Kirk Elliot, CEO of  J2911 Holdings


The book explores a variety of parenting topics and tips, such as:

• Moving out of controlling your child and into creating real & lasting connection with them…
• Raising kids with the mentality & courage to change the world around them…
• The most authentic way to “train our kids in the way they should go…
• Helping your kids develop healthy sexuality…
• And more…

I’m excited to get this in your hands and as always I would love to hear your feedback!  Download the eBook for free now: (Simply click the cover)

PS)  If you know anyone that could use it, you can click the email icon on the share bar to send it directly to them. Enjoy!

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