Our Love Affair With Punishment

Danny Silk

Welcome to 2020—a new year and a new decade! What a great time to reset, refocus, and reengage in our mission to lower fear, increase love, and pursue powerful, live-giving connections with God, ourselves, and others. To kick off 2020, I’m doing a special vlog series on my latest book, Unpunishable. This book is the fruit of years of walking alongside people who have ended up in self-made messes. Again and again, I have had the privilege to observe the incredible transformation that takes place when, instead of encountering punishment, these people are invited into a journey of repentance, reconciliation, and restoration. In this week’s vlog, we dive into Chapter 1, where I share the redemptive story of one of these individuals, Ben Armstrong. The real power in Ben’s story is that it shows the absolute contrast between using punishment to deal with our mistakes and walking through an authentic, punishment-free process of godly discipline. One only sets us up to fall again—and more spectacularly—while the other leads us into wholeness and victory. Watch now! You can also get the book here 🙂

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