Let It Go – Forgiveness is a non-negotiable

Danny Silk

Forgiveness is an intricate part of covenant.

If we are going to practice covenant, we must practice forgiveness, and covenant comes into being through death. Where I am willing to die to protect this relationship. Therefore, forgiveness requires death.  For me to die to my expectations, for me to die to accusations, for me to even die to emotions that I am keeping stirred up. In order to preserve your covenant you must be willing to forgive, your family, your children, your friends, your coworkers, the people you know well and the people you don’t know well. We must deal with our hurts and forgive, because when we don’t, we start to disintegrate our community  by not dealing with our hurt and unforgiveness.

So, who should we forgive?:

1. Those who offend you

2. Those who ask for mercy

3. Yourself

4. Your Father, God.

The evidence of reconciliation is the absence of vengeance and anxiety.

The evidence that my love is back on, is that I love you.

The evidence that I have forgiven from my heart, is that it looks like I love you because I do.

This is the purpose for forgiveness: …I love you.

I challenge you this week to think of who you need to forgive, start taking more steps towards forgiveness and to keep forgiveness and love on your lips.


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