Kids and Clothes – The power of choice

Brittney Serpell

So this morning my Ady had gotten dressed by herself. That’s not anything new we often set her clothes out the night before because she likes to be prepared. Well this morning it’s a bit cold and she was wearing shorts and a shirt. I simply said to her “You may want to change sweet girl. It’s cold outside.” She said back to me, “But I get hot later in the day, so I’m not going to change!” I totally get her reason but it’s pretty darn cold outside. My reply back was to convince her but imply letting her choose. “Ok, hope you’re not too cold today. That would be sad for you.”

I continued to get ready for my day, not concerned with what she was going to decide. The next thing I see is my Ady in long pants. I didn’t say anything but looked at her and smiled. She’s a smart girl and my words do matter. They matter even more when I let her choose how they influence her life. I knew that shorts or long pants to school wasn’t worth the battle. So instead of trying to convince her of my wisdom she choose to trust me. I’ll take that any day!

Make today a good one and if you think you can’t, know that you can!


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