The Power of a Yes – What boundaries are you needing?

Danny Silk

Jesus set boundaries in his relationships.

Let that sink in.

For many Christians, this is difficult to grasp. We have the core values of honor, love for the poor, serving others, laying down our lives, and being the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s easy to think that it is spiritual to offer all people unlimited access to our lives. But everyone who tries to do this eventually discovers that it is not sustainable, healthy, or spiritual…at all.

Look at Luke 8 and the story of Jesus raising Jairus’ daughter from the dead. When the story begins, Jesus has just encountered a whole crowd of people who have been waiting a long time and need something from Him. Somehow Jairus makes it to the front of the crowd and asks Jesus to come and heal his little girl. And Jesus says, “Yes.”

When Jesus said “Yes” in that moment to Jairus, He was also saying “No” to a crowd of other people who all needed healing too.

Ultimately, Jesus said “Yes” to every person He healed and “No” when needed, to other people pressing him for healing. He had dedicated His life to one big “Yes” and that was to live out of complete oneness and partnership with His Father. His “Yes” was to do only what he saw the Father doing.

So, I ask you today, what boundaries are you needing to set in your life? Start today. Simply say “No” to the things you need to say “No” to, and say “Yes” to that which you want to say “Yes” to.


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