How to Create a Culture That Empowers People

Danny Silk

In this video, my good friends, Bill Johnson & Kris Vallotton, and I explore how to create a culture that both liberates and empowers people in our homes, communities and workplaces.

We’ve come to know this type of culture as one of “honor.” And I can honestly say that there is no mindset that has more positively affected the way I interact with the world than this one. I’ve seen it change businesses, churches & families with even the slightest bit of adoption.

These values and practices of honor are the only ones I’ve seen work in creating a culture that liberates and empowers individuals, while honoring the collective goals.

Enjoy the video!



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  1. Thank you so much, my life and heart have been forever impacted by the values and principles you not only teach but live. So grateful. 💜

  2. I’ve heard and been apart of this culture of honor and heard the teachings on it for years. This specific video brought such profound simple clarity to the subject. These guys have modeled to me and so many what they teach. Thanks guys! I always love hearing you share!

  3. Yes, you Kings of the Kingdom are leaving a legacy for our generation. Thank you for speaking forth what you hear the Father saying! I love you Bill, Kris and Danny and I treasury your heart and teachings so much! <3

  4. SO GOOD!! There are tidbits here, nuggets of wisdom for leaders in every arena of public service, ministry, business and families. Thank you so much for "resharing" this in your email so I could come back to this amazing conversation and enjoy the impartation from you all as you have implemented this and lived it out for many years.

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