A Recipe For Healthy Relationships

Danny Silk

“Have you read Keep Your Love On?”

If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked this question over the last five years. I could probably retire by now.

When people reach out for help or resources for dealing with a relational problem, this is one of the first questions I ask them. Every relational solution I have to offer is based on the principles laid out in that book.

A Recipe for Everyone

I like to describe Keep Your Love On as a recipe for healthy relationships—relationships where love wins over fear and peace, hope, and joy thrive. This recipe has three basic ingredients:

Connection: This is the goal in every healthy relationship. To be powerful in choosing this goal, we must overcome the fear that drives us to self-protect and choose distance with people.

Communication: To build and protect a healthy connection, we must become assertive communicators who vulnerably tell the truth about our thoughts, feelings, and needs and listen to understand and adjust.

Boundaries: To protect our relationships, we must establish healthy priorities and boundaries around ourselves and the levels of intimacy we nurture with each person.

This recipe applies to every relationship, which is why people from every relational status, religious affiliation, political stance, socioeconomic class, and ethnic background have found Keep Your Love On accessible and applicable to their lives. Over and over I hear, “Everyone needs to read this book!”

Hundreds of people also tell me that KYLO is a book that they have re-read and plan to keep re-reading. While the tools and concepts in the book are easy to understand, walking them out in is a long-term process. Reading the book again is a way to see where you are in your journey of growth, remember principles that can be easy to forget amid relational ups and downs, and reset your heart to go after your relational goals.

KYLO Impact

In the last five years, countless people have reached out to tell us that this book has transformed their lives and relationships. They are learning to:

  • Take ownership for choosing connection in relationships

  • Recognize when they are choosing disconnection and change their goal

  • Grow in allowing love to cast out fear in their hearts

  • Practice assertive, respectful communication

  • Set boundaries with disrespectful communication

  • Listen well and adjust to meet the needs of the relationship

  • Protect healthy limits around their lives and relationships

  • Experience relationships full of peace, hope, and joy

  • And more!

Here’s what just a few of our readers have said:

The best of the 472 books read, 5+ courses taken and 3 counselors outgrown, that helped me figure it out, all in one well-written and wonderfully laid-out book. Kathy Nolan-Davis

I’ve read many, many books, and KYLO is the only book I have ever read in one sitting. From page one, every concept related to me and my relationships. Tamara Lee, PhD

[This book] is proving itself to be an indispensable resource in my own marriage as well as my top go-to tool in helping other couples get an inside look at what’s going wrong (or right) in their marriages . . . We just keep buying more copies to keep up with the demand! Michael

I would personally pay $1,000 for the information in this book. Bones

(Head to Amazon to read more reviews! We’re almost to 900!)

The impact we’ve seen so far with KYLO has been incredible and humbling, but I know we’ve just scratched the surface in getting its message out. My dream is still to see a KYLO movement that transforms lives, families, organizations, and communities and establishes KYLO relational culture across the globe.

An Invitation to All Readers of KYLO!

To add some fresh fuel to this movement, my team and I are launching 2019 with a Month of KYLO. For the entire month of January, we will be diving into the book with you and inviting you to engage with conversations, testimonies, and encouragement on social media. We’re also working on some fun prizes, giveaways, and other goodies to share with you!

More details on our Month of KYLO will be coming soon, but for now, we want to issue a special invitation to everyone who has read and been impacted by KYLO:

In January, we want to feature YOU on our Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Here’s what we need from you to participate:

  1. A lovely photo of you! (Other people can be in the photo as long as it’s clear who you are!)

  2. A brief statement that begins with one of the following:

    1. “My favorite quote from KYLO is . . .”

    2. “The most important thing I learned from KYLO is . . .”

    3. “Reading KYLO has . . .”

  3. Please send both of these in an email to t[email protected] with the subject line: “KYLO 2019.”

On top of getting to star on our social media pages in January, everyone who submits their photo and statement will be entered to win a KYLO t-shirt!

We can’t wait to hear from you and let you speak about what this book means to you! There’s no greater honor than being together with you on this journey of Keeping Our Love ON!


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