Do You Know How to Keep Your Love On?

Danny Silk

The most important thing we can do with our lives is to build and cultivate relationships that last, and use the weight of our relational influence to affect generations to come. The greatest core need we all have is to love and be loved, yet it is the one thing we find the hardest to do in the face of fear.

Often, we know what long term result we want for our lives and relationships, but in the moment of a tough decision, we end up choosing something that does the opposite of strengthen our love through relational connection.  Learning the hindrances we each have in prioritizing our connection, and knowing what we will plan to do in the middle of emotion, anxiety, or mistakes is part of the process of knowing how to keep your love on.

Maybe this phrase is new to you, and you would like to learn more about what we mean we say, “keep your love on.” Here at Loving on Purpose, we have been building an online resource of tools that you can use to strengthen the relationships you have been cultivating by learning what might be hindering your goal of connection with those you love the most, and what you can do to work on removing those hindrances.

One of the tools we offer for FREE is our Keep Your Love On assessment.  It is our first step to help you gain valuable insight into the ways you can grow in meeting your goal of relational health and connection.

If you have been curious and looking for a way to get started with Keep Your Love On, take the assessment here:






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