Becoming Powerful People: Part Four – One Easy Way to Be Powerful Today

Danny Silk

Welcome to part 4 of our series on How to Become a Powerful Person. Over the last few weeks we have discussed powerlessness and it’s effects on us and the people around us. We discovered the following four ways to spot powerlessness:

  1. 1. Powerless language reveals a powerless mindset.
  2. 2. Powerless people approach relationships as consumers.
  3. 3. Powerless people often blame the messes they make on other people.
  4. 4. The defining driving force of a powerless person is anxiety.

We also learned that when you give your power away, you subconsciously grow to believe that other people are scary, unsafe and more powerful than you, and therefore you need to control them to get them to meet your needs. Also, that a relational bond built on mutual control simply cannot produce anything remotely like safety, love or trust.

But when you live as a powerful person, everything changes.

One of the key components in becoming a powerful person is refusing to continue to recreate a victimized reality. As long as you refuse to repent from it you will be held back in your pursuit of being powerful.

So, what do I mean by repentance?

Repentance means to change the way you think. In order to repent from a life of powerlessness, you will need to identify the lies you believe and the influence those lies have in your life. Once you identify these lies, you renounce them and break your agreement with them. Then ask Holy Spirit to come and tell you the truth.

A model repentance prayer could look something like this:

In the name of Jesus, I renounce the lie that___________. I nail it to the cross of Jesus Christ and send it away from me, never to return again. Holy Spirit, what truth would you like to give me in its place? (Write down what He tells you.)

Repeat this prayer as many times as necessary for each individual lie that comes up. So often lies become deeply rooted in our core, requiring consistent work to dig them out and replace them with the truth.

For instance:  If you grew up in an abusive, powerless environment, you have probably engrained these lies deep within you and have a hard time identifying them as lies and you are probably going to need someone who can help you identify and renounce those lies. If you have access to inner healing tools and ministry like Sozo , I highly recommend that you use them.

During the process know that the journey in becoming a powerful person is worth it! Choosing to say “Yes!” to a life of responsibility and wholeness will be one filled with adventure and joy.

Don’t let powerlessness steal from you any longer!

You ARE a powerful person who CAN make powerful decisions. And more importantly, you are a powerful person who can choose to love— because God chose to love you. Choosing to love is the most powerful choice you could ever make, and is more rewarding than you could ever imagine!

PS) I’d love to hear from you. What are some other ways you’ve broken patterns of powerlessness and become powerful?

PPS. If you would like more information on what Sozo is or how to find someone in your area to help, go to their site here.

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