Anniversary Sale: 33% Off The Life Academy!

Danny Silk

Today, we’re celebrating two things (and giving away ONE REALLY fun gift)!

1) My wife & I are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary this week!

Sheri & I are a testimony of the power of choosing to keep love on against all odds.

Our first twelve years of marriage were spent in a constant struggle. Sheri and I came up against serious challenges created by our vastly different personalities, broken relational histories, and natural human fears. There were plenty of moments where we could have decided we’d had enough because it just wasn’t working. But we chose to stay invested in our connection and to keep trying. We chose to embrace the unique things that made us different and learned what unconditional love and acceptance could produce when two people refused to give up on each other.

It is because of our story that we have such a commitment to pour out the best of our lives into others around us that desire to carry the message of Loving on Purpose into their relationships.

It’s actually this reason, alone, that we started the Life Academy! Which, of course, brings me to my next point.

2) We’re celebrating the one year anniversary of The Life Academy!

In the spirit of celebration, we just gave away 4 courses to 5 different people (if you enrolled in the contest, be sure to check your email for winner results).

And, for a limited time, we’re offering 33% off ALL Life Academy tracks!

*The Culture & Conversations discount is for new members only.

And yes, the 33% is in honor of myself and Sheri and our commitment of 33 years of marriage 🙂

Here’s how to use the discount…

1.Add any track you want to your cart & create an account.

2.Apply the code “1YR33″  to the coupon code on the “Confirm & Pay” step!



Tracks available for the 33% discount (ALL):

– Bundle of ALL core tracks (Relationships, Parenting & Leadership)

– Relationships

– Parenting

– Leadership

– Priority of Connection (Parenting focus)

– Culture & Conversations (Subscription)

Thanks for celebrating with us and we hope you join us to learn what it means to keep your love on against all odds!



PS) Be sure to share this blog to notify friends that may be interested in getting in on the 33% discount!

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