3 Keys to Recover From a Porn Addiction

Danny Silk

How do you recover from a porn addiction? In today’s vlog, I discuss 3 essential keys for everyone who wants to walk this path to freedom: restoring your identity, actively building the life you want to live, and walking with people who have victory in this area. Watch now!

The resource I reference is The Path from Betrayal to Restoration, and you can find it here!


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  1. This is such a prevalent issue and as the wife of a porn addict a post specifically for self care and setting safe, appropriate boundaries for the spouse would be so helpful. My Christian husband becomes incredibly angry over little things (school bag left out ect), is verbally and, at times this has escalated to physical violence, usually when he’s feeling guilt about secrets he’s keeping. If the porn user can be hostile, refuses to take responsibility, the necessary steps to restoration, cuts off supports and relapsing into substance abuse (prevelant issue before I knew him) where is the line where a spouse says “I’m going to keep my love on but this is unsafe and unhealthy so it will be from a distance”? Or ultimately end the relationship?

    It would be so helpful to have LOP and most importantly Gods perspective on self care and safe boundaries that incorporates KYLO.

    1. “I can love you or be married to you from another house” is not an uncommon decision for those on the other side of someone who does not repent. Please check into that new ecourse I was referring to in the video. The Path From Betrayal to Restoration

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