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Thank you so much for your inquiry.

Danny's Calendar For 2016 Is Completely Full. 

However, we are taking requests for 2017 and will let you know about the final decision on your request by September 2016. We are so grateful for your continued support and look forward to the possibility of partnering with you.



#KYLO Conference Request

To Move Forward With A KYLO Conference, We Need Some Information From You. Please Complete The Form Below And We'll Be In Touch Shortly.

What is the address of the venue or church that you would like us to use? *
What is the address of the venue or church that you would like us to use?
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Would you like to have Danny speak the following Sunday at your church? *
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Thank You So Much For Your Interest In Hosting A KYLO Conference 

Our heart for these events is to impact a region by enriching the value and knowledge of the relationships around us. Below are some FAQs that will help give you an idea of what hosting a KYLO event looks like. At the end of this document, our ministry also has some questions for you to complete.

If you have further questions please contact Brittney Serpell at  or 916-293-8746.


Are We Able To Provide Host Homes And/Or Accommodations At A Local Hotel?

We will create a room block for hotel accommodations.

Will There Be A Set Fee That Will Cover Accommodations Or Not?

There is not fee for us to come out and do an event. When attending the event, our fee does not include accommodations. That is up to the registrant and is billed via the hotel.

Does Danny Have A Speaking Fee?

Danny can stay and speak at your church on the Sunday after the KYLO conference. If you would like him to, he would need reimbursements for half of his airfare, two nights of the hotel accommodations, and two days of the rental car. If your church would like to give him an honorarium, please make the check payable to Loving On Purpose.

Is KYLO In Charge Of The Tickets And Details For The Event Or Are We?

We handle all of the ticketing through Eventbrite or other software; we just need volunteers to help throughout the conference.

Is There A Percentage Of Ticket Fee That Goes To Loving On Purpose?

Eventbrite takes about 5% and a fee for processing, we spilt that fee with the customer. The remainder of the ticket sale goes to Loving on Purpose.

How Many Days Are Needed For The Event?

We have a few options for conferences:

  1. KYLO Evening, this is a free one-evening event with only one session. We are flexible as to which night of the week this happens.
  2. KYLO Encounter is a two day event. Our team arrives on Thursday and the conference starts Friday evening and three sessions Saturday. 
  3. KYLO Conference a three-day event, our team would arrive Wednesday with the first session beginning Thursday evening.We leave Sunday or Monday depending on if Danny is speaking in a local church on Sunday.