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​Loving On Purpose is the ministry of Danny & Sheri Silk, part of the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. 

Loving Our Kids On Purpose

Loving Our Kids On Purpose - Book

Loving Our Kids On Purpose - Book

Facilitator's Kit

Facilitator's Kit

Amando A Nuestros Hijos A Proposito

Amando A Nuestros Hijos A Proposito

The family is the vehicle for generational revival. Loving Our Kids On Purpose brings a fresh perspective on the age-old role of parenting. It incorporates the principles of the Kingdom of God and revival into your strategy as parents.

Loving Our Kids on Purpose will give you tools to:

  • Protect your connection with your children 
  • Teach your children to manage increasing levels of freedom 
  • Replace the tools of intimidation and control 
  • Create a safe place for children to build confidence and personal responsibility

This series also includes age specific Q & A sessions with wisdom that will work for your toddler all the way through your adult child. With a blend of teaching, story telling and humor, Danny shares his personal family stories as well as the numerous experiences he’s had helping other families.

Join the reformation that is transforming a generation to Love Your Kids On Purpose!

This book is available in the following formats:

This book has changed my family’s life for the better. In The past I had a “them vs me attitude”. I had to get the children to behave or terrible things could happen to them as they grow up undisciplined. I was experiencing tremendous stress, anxiety, and frustration with the children as well as myself. This resulted in my divorce with my first wife. I have since remarried and the cycle started again. Twelve hours after starting to read this book and applying the principles in Chapter One and Two, my 8 year-old announces she is having great fun and wants to stay more nights. There is peace in my house!!!!! I don’t have to fix the kids!!!!! I’m free! The kids are free! My wife is happier! This is a great resource for you or anyone you care for. It has given me the tools I needed to love my children. One week later, our copy is already in the hands of another struggling father.
— Trevor Simmonds

Loving Our Kids On Purpose : Facilitator's Kit

Are you interested in teaching the Loving Our Kid’s on Purpose DVD Parenting Course? This Facilitator’s Kit has everything you need to have a successful class!

It includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to leading the course
  • Guides for each session, pre-made flyers
  • Registration forms, attendance form, certificate of completion (electronic and printable)
  • The complete 9-session DVD set
  • All three Silk family children’s books
  • The student manual
  • And so much more!

This curriculum was designed with you in mind. And would be great for new parents, foster parents, step parents, children’s workers, grandparents, Sunday School workers and teachers.

If you want to facilitate this course, all you will need is the Loving Our Kids on Purpose Facilitator’s Kit and the workbook for each participant or couple.

The Priority of Connection

Maintaining connection is the top priority in your parent/child relationship. Sheri and her daughter Brittney share amusing stories as well as real life drama which are infused with hope and courage to conquer family connection issues. If you are a parent who needs encouragement, this message is for you. Brittney, being raised with the parenting style of freedom and now being a parent herself, helps bring a multi-generational perspective.

The Chicken Coop Kid

The Chicken Coop Kid is a true story which highlights the connection between young Brittney and her Dad as they navigate through her poor decision regarding her chore. You will enjoy this humorous tale as you read how Britt learned to value and take hold of her daily tasks.

Adapted by Karen Renee Johnson and illustrated by Matthew Thayer.

One of Those Days

I was listening to Danny Silk online and he read this book out loud. I thought ‘oh dear this sounds a bit cringy’. By the end I was crying my eyes out, I’m not even sure why! So I’m buying it - talking in the evening service in a few weeks. Guess what I’m going to be using. Thank you once again Silk family.
— Melanie Pointon - UK

This funny, yet heartwarming story will help you discover what is most important in life. Levi has “one of those days,” but through Mom’s love and encouragement realizes that it’s not how you start your day, but how you end it that really matters. Mom chooses to put relationship over her son’s failure and the end result is connection. Enjoy this third book in the series by the Silk Family.

Shorts In The Snow

Shorts are fun, but not in the snow! Follow along as young Taylor makes a hard decision between playing in the snow and wearing his favorite shorts. See how his parents struggle to let him learn through his experience without stepping in to rescue. Watching a child think through their problem and come up with a solution on their own is a beautiful sight to behold.

​Amando a Nuestros Hijos a Propósito

Amando a Nuestros Hijos a Propósito muestra como plantar los principios del Reino de Dios y el corazón del Señor en tus hijos. Este plan de fácil implementación te ofrece herramientas para educar a tus hijos en el gozo y la plenitud del Señor Jesús.

Más que dar un enfoque tradicional, este libro enseña a los padres a educar a sus hijos para que gestionen su libertad y protejan sus importantes relaciones de corazón a corazón.

“… donde está el Espíritu del Señor, allí hay libertad” (II Corintios 3:17)

Los hijos han sido diseñados con una necesidad intrínseca de libertad. Negar o ignorar esta realidad llega a destruir la conexión de confianza existente entre el padre y el hijo.

“En el amor no hay temor, sino que el perfecto amor echa fuera el temor; porque el temor lleva en sí castigo. De donde el que teme, no ha sido perfeccionado en el amor” (I Juan 4:18)

Amando a Nuestros Hijos a Propósito presenta paradigmas, percepciones, técnicas e ideas que ayudan a reducir el temor de los padres eliminando el castigo y fortaleciendo los corazones de sus hijos para alcanzar sus destinos.