Loving On Purpose

Keep Your Love On

​Loving On Purpose is the ministry of Danny & Sheri Silk, part of the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church in Redding, CA. 

Loving Our Kids On Purpose

The Obedience/Freedom Balance

Obedience is an important part of our relationship with our children; it’s not the most important quality. Without the freedom to reject God, we are powerless to choose Him. Obedience is a choice. To fear our children’s poor choices is to teach them to be afraid of freedom. Honor brings power to relationships and the individuals in those relationships. In order to cast out anxiety in our children, we must first cast it out in ourselves. Loving on purpose means that we learn to let perfect love cast out our fear, let perfect love bring out the best in us, and make perfect love the bottom line in our homes, as it is in Heaven.

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This book Has changed my family member's lives and mine for the better. In the past, I've had a "them vs me" attitude. I had to get the children to behave by threatening terrible things happening to them as they grow up undisciplined. I was experiencing tremendous stress, anxiety, and frustration with the children, and myself. This resulted in my divorce from my first Wife. I have since remarried and the cycle started again. Twelve hours after starting to read this book and applying the principles in Chapters 1 & 2. My 8 year old recently announced that she is having great fun and wants to stay more nights with us. There is peace in my house! I don't have to fix the Kids! I'm Free. The kids are free. My wife is happier. This is a great resource for yourself or anyone you care for. It has given me the tool's I needed to love my children. One week later our copy is already in the hands of another struggling father.

Trevor Simmonds

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