Feedback is Essential!

Do you know how to give it?

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Feedback is Essential!</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Do you know how to give it?</h5>

Feedback is essential for every one of us. 

We simply cannot grow and build meaningful connections if we don’t hear about how the people around us are experiencing us. Feedback gives us the information we need to take responsibility for how we are affecting our environment and adjust in order to protect what is important to us.

Effective vs. Ineffective Forms of Confrontation

What environment are you creating around you?

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Effective vs. Ineffective Forms of Confrontation</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">What environment are you creating around you?</h5>

As leaders, it is our responsibility to create an environment where people feel honored, and therefore, safe to be confronted. There will be no culture of honor without the active use of effective confrontation. The skill of combining these two relational elements-honor and confrontation- is the key to sustaining an environment of grace.

Demonstrating Honor

Freedom, Relationships, and Destiny

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Demonstrating Honor</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Freedom, Relationships, and Destiny</h5>

Growing up in Weaverville, I don’t  remember hearing a message about honor; I remember seeing it demonstrated in practice. Years later in Redding, someone else pointed out that we had a “culture of honor” present in our environment. At the time, I had not identified it as that because...

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