The Top Priority of Leadership, Part 3

What is a Safe Place?

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">The Top Priority of Leadership, Part 3</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">What is a Safe Place?</h5>

This is the third of my three-part blog on the top priority of leadership. Every leader who wants to be led by the Spirit will be looking to produce certain effects in the people and in the culture where they are leading—in particular, increased levels of freedom and safety. In the last blog, I explored the nature of biblical freedom. Now I want to dig in to the idea of safety

The Top Priority of Leadership, Part 2

Freedom: What is true Biblical freedom?

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">The Top Priority of Leadership, Part 2</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Freedom: What is true Biblical freedom?</h5>

These days, a lot of people seem to think that freedom means license to do whatever they choose—and even to avoid any negative consequences for their choices. It also seems to be a common belief that freedom is something we humans create for ourselves—that it is bestowed on us by society, won and defended by the military, or achieved through laws and politics.

Terribly Terrific Twos

3 Ways to Keep Your Cool During the Toddler Years

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Terribly Terrific Twos</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">3 Ways to Keep Your Cool During the Toddler Years</h5>

Are the terrible twos real? Well, if we want them to be, maybe.  Lack of vocabulary, grandiose demands, and a high need for independence equals an enormous task of patience for those of us navigating these toddler waters. Most of the time, I tend to think toddlers are just curious little people desperately trying to figure out the world.

Thanksgiving: An Opportunity for Connection

How to REALLY Connect With Family During the Holidays

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Thanksgiving: An Opportunity for Connection</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">How to REALLY Connect With Family During the Holidays</h5>

A warm fire, the smell of turkey in the oven, and smiling friends and family around the dinner table. A perfect scene. 

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks and POTENTIAL connection--families gathered with open hearts of love for each other, experiencing the joy of holiday traditions. One of the most important things in life is being thankful for the value we have around us in the form of our closest relationships.

Kite Strings of Connection

5 Keys to Build A Heart Connection with Your Child

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Kite Strings of Connection</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">5 Keys to Build A Heart Connection with Your Child</h5>

Within seconds after birth as you hold your child in your arms and look into those precious eyes, you know it--this life is completely dependent upon you. 

The power of love parents have for their children is a force unmatched. As parents, we have a built in capacity to love and shape the lives we have been entrusted with. We may have the best intentions when they are born to love them to the best of our ability, but unless we spend time cultivating what we value, our best intentions will fall short.

The Priority of Connection

Perfect parenting is overrated!

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">The Priority of Connection</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Perfect parenting is overrated!</h5>

Our forth track in the Life Academy, The Priority of Connection, is live! (25% off for limited time!)

In this track, we go after the pressure we all feel to be PERFECT parents. As if just surviving as a parent wasn't enough, our culture can often make us feel like we're not doing enough or saying it right or should be doing this and not doing that.

Feedback is Essential!

Do you know how to give it?

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Feedback is Essential!</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Do you know how to give it?</h5>

Feedback is essential for every one of us. 

We simply cannot grow and build meaningful connections if we don’t hear about how the people around us are experiencing us. Feedback gives us the information we need to take responsibility for how we are affecting our environment and adjust in order to protect what is important to us.

Effective vs. Ineffective Forms of Confrontation

What environment are you creating around you?

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Effective vs. Ineffective Forms of Confrontation</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">What environment are you creating around you?</h5>

As leaders, it is our responsibility to create an environment where people feel honored, and therefore, safe to be confronted. There will be no culture of honor without the active use of effective confrontation. The skill of combining these two relational elements-honor and confrontation- is the key to sustaining an environment of grace.

The Power of Our Words

Using our words to honor

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">The Power of Our Words</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Using our words to honor </h5>

In a culture of honor, leaders lead by courageously treating people according to the names God gives them and not according to the aliases they receive from people. People create an alias for themselves when they choose to believe a lie as truth. For instance, if a child is behaving poorly, a parent can choose to say, “You are such a bad kid. Why would you do something so stupid?” Or, a parent can choose to say, “I know you felt frustrated by what happened.

Demonstrating Honor

Freedom, Relationships, and Destiny

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Demonstrating Honor</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Freedom, Relationships, and Destiny</h5>

Growing up in Weaverville, I don’t  remember hearing a message about honor; I remember seeing it demonstrated in practice. Years later in Redding, someone else pointed out that we had a “culture of honor” present in our environment. At the time, I had not identified it as that because...

Let It Go

Forgiveness is a non-negotiable

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Let It Go</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Forgiveness is a non-negotiable</h5>

Forgiveness is an intricate part of covenant.

If we are going to practice covenant, we must practice forgiveness, and covenant comes into being through death. Where I am willing to die to protect this relationship. Therefore, forgiveness requires death.  For me to die to my expectations, for me to die to accusations, for me to even die to emotions that I am keeping stirred up.

The Power of a Yes

What boundaries are you needing to set in your relationships?

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">The Power of a Yes</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">What boundaries are you needing to set in your relationships?</h5>

Jesus set boundaries in his relationships. Let that sink in...

For many Christians, this is difficult to grasp. We have the core values of honor, love for the poor, serving others, laying down our lives, and being the hands and feet of Jesus. It’s easy to think that it is spiritual to offer all people unlimited access to our lives. But everyone who tries to do this eventually discovers that it is not sustainable, healthy, or spiritual…at all.

What Does Honor Look Like?

Fruit to look for in the culture you are creating around you

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">What Does Honor Look Like?</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">Fruit to look for in the culture you are creating around you</h5>

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I talk about the "culture of honor" every time someone hands me a mic, but I am consistently asked what a culture of honor means and actually looks like. I could spend years unpacking this, but here are a few ways I tend to answer.

Keys to Successful Communication

3 questions to ask yourself if you want to be a better communicator

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Keys to Successful Communication</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle">3 questions to ask yourself if you want to be a better communicator</h5>

We all want to be better communicators. However, when you have been accustomed to communicating in a specific way, it can seem hard to change that pattern.

Win a Free LA Membership!

<h4 class="blog-custom-title">Win a Free LA Membership!</h4><h5 class="blog-subtitle"></h5>

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